4 Simple Time Management Tips

by Alison Morgan, Relauncher

Wouldn’t we love to have more time…!

While we don’t have control over the number of hours in each day, we do have control over how we spend them.

Time Management techniques and strategies can be a serious game changer when it comes to enhancing your lifestyle.

Below are 4 simple Time Management tips to implement in your day:

1. Cognitive Training Exercises for a brain boost

We definitely want to keep a sharp mind. Through engaging in cognitive training exercises, your intellectual capacity is challenged.

Examples include learning a new language, boardgames, taking an alternate route on your walk, using your opposite hand or sleeping on the other side of the bed!

A sharp mind helps to boost brain power when it comes to being productive within your day.

2. Tasks in Sprints 

We know about Interval Workouts – well, apply this to your to-do list. 25 minute blocks works best for me! This technique is most successful when focusing on a very small amount of tasks with zero distractions.

3. Time Blocking 

Schedule blocks of time in your calendar to focus on a singular project, admin work, or whatever is required. If you’re using an electronic calendar eg: Google Calendar, allocate a specific colour so it stands out in your diary.

4. Less Thinking

If you find you’ve thought about something more than 3 times and still not tackled it, move it to the top of your to-do list and ensure you take action.

Thinking about what needs to be completed often takes longer than actually doing it…!

Taking a notable approach to managing your time effectively will allow you
more time to do the things you love!!


Alison Morgan is founder of Relauncher. She is a Business Coach helping small business
owners create successful strategies for Business Growth & evolution.

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