Welcome to the South Pacific Jam Company, premium exotic, tropical fruit jams.

We are delighted that you are now part of the South Pacific Jam Company success story from here on. We look forward to being one of your cherished jam staples.

South Pacific Jam Company are truly world-class exotic jams made with the highest integrity for our planet, people and their discerning taste buds.

Our signature jam range signals to the market that there is a way to substitute refined sugars, reduce fruit wastage, increase fruit quality and provide consumers with a high-integrity premium tropical jam product.

Our unique recipes and innovative formulas ensure that the jams ‘pop’ with flavour, retaining the integrity of the fruit as the signature taste in every jar.

It’s the right time to disrupt jams. Sure we all love a good dollop of strawberry, apricot and raspberry jam but let’s face it, we turn a blind eye to the high refined sugar and fruits of unknown origin that comes with each delicious mouthful.

Our jams are made using exotic Australian fruits that are grown from tree branches or small trees, such as banana’s, mango and guava, a point of difference from using runner-based fruits such as strawberries that are known to use pesticides for the unprotected and exposed berries, that have sparked environmental health concerns.

Whilst our jams are not certified organic, we up-source our fruits from farms that include organic. We use a blend of organic coconut sugar, unrefined Australian raw sugar and organic coconut oil. Because of our unique jam making methods, we produce our jams with a higher ratio of fruit to sugar, making our exotic jam range a healthier option than most available jam brands.

The jams are also infused with organic MCT, the good coconut oil for brain development to help ‘calm down the jam’ from sugar spikes, and for those seeking healthier substitutes.

Appealing to foodies, families and the hospitality sector that are serious about their sourdough jam spreads, yoghurt toppings and cheese boards, each jam can be used for many culinary purposes.

There is no limit to where you spread or dollop your exotic jam – it’s great on toast or make your own jam hacks – a spoonful in porridge, jooz up fruit smoothies, make your own fruit yoghurts using plain yoghurt tubs, top up pancakes, dab on top of grilled haloumi, use as glazes or serve on a cheese platter.

We’d be delighted for you to Instagram your exotic jam hacks @southpacificjamcompany.

Banana is the new strawberry

The complete surprise is the banana jam, with its rich and delicious taste and deep red colour, the recipe is steeped in history and has been 30 years in the making. With its rich red colour and moreish fruity flavour ‘banana is the new strawberry.’


Mango and Ginger

The fruity mango taste from the mango & ginger transports you directly to summer, with the ginger adding a sophisticated and delightful edge to the palette. Use as a spread or re-purpose the jam for glazing pork or accompanying cheese platters.


Guava and pineapple

Pure tropical highs, a punchy, delicious and moreish flavour that has its own distinct tingly fruit flavour combination, that ‘pop’ the fruit’s delightful essence, completing an exciting trio of exotic premium fruit jams.

All our fruits are up-sourced, helping farmers to achieve zero wastage.


Country of origin and manufacturing

100% Australian made, fruits are 100% Australian origin, raw unrefined sugar from Australia and the coconut sugar, coconut oil and ginger are sourced from the pristine areas of Fiji and Papua New Guinea in the South Pacific.

Our manufacturing plant is certified organic and uses rainwater in making the jams.

A percentage of proceeds goes to supporting upskilling South Pacific women in collaboration with Rise as One, a platform connecting yogi’s to areas of need across the globe.


For businesses, you can establish a trade account to regularly order our jams, please contact or, you can just order online at where you can order straight away for immediate shipping.


Product range

  1. Banana jam
  2. Guava& pineapple jam
  3. Mango & ginger jam
  • 250ml jars -RRP is $8.80 per 250ml unit. Minimum order 6 units.
  • 300ml jars –RRP is $14.00 per 300ml unit. Minimum order 6 units.


For orders, please phone 0419 290 412 or email



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