Bare Balls

“Empowering your daily nutrition one bareball at a time!”

What was the inspiration behind creating your range of raw bareballs?

The rate at which I was eating raw balls was simply not sustainable! Whether home-made or store bought, the balls I was eating were either high in sugar (from dates) or had an overpowering protein taste (no matter what flavour it was professing to be!). I needed a snack that was high in protein (without the taste), low in sugar, tasted great and was easy to make (because no one really has time to clean a food processor every week). Also, every time I picked up a “healthy” snack I didn’t understand half the ingredients on the packaging, so I started to doubt whether I could really trust the “healthy” aisle.

You are very passionate about the environment & sustainability – how did that impact your choice of packaging?

We are passionate about preserving our planet because we only have one. We made a conscious choice to use glass jars and bio-degradable pouches for our mixes to raise awareness about single use plastic. We’re proud that in designing our bio-bag packaging we were able to reduce the use of one plastic label. As we continue to grow, our goal is to lead by example and move towards employing 100% environmentally sustainable practices and producing zero waste.


What flavours are available in the Bare Balls range?

We have four delicious flavours:

  • Cookie Dough – its the naughty (healthy) breakfast you’ve been looking for. It’s simply made from oats, cashews, almonds, maca, chia, protein and cacao nibs.
  • Hazelnut & Cacao – it really does taste like a decadent ferrero but without the sugar hangover!
  • Gingernut & Goji – Everyone always tries the first two flavours first because they’re familiar but this gingery spice one always wins!
  • Citrus, Cardamom and Turmeric – the new favourite thats been described by many as tasting like “a lemon pie”.
  • Hot Cross Bun – our new limited edition flavour that tastes like the real deal but without the refined sugar, carbs and gluttonous feeling!

Just in time for Easter!! We are super excited about the limited edition “Hot Cross
Bun” mix that you’ve launched through Splendour. What is it made up of and how
would you serve it?

We’re super excited to launch our new limited edition flavour “Hot Cross Bun” with Splendour! We wanted to make sure we could share this spicy joy with as many people as possible. It’s made from Australian almonds, psyllium husk, organic black chia seeds, organic brown rice and pea protein isolate and a generous combination of mixed spices.

You can’t go wrong if you couple your two hot cross bun bareballs with your favourite cuppa.

Where can we get our hands on more of the Hot Cross Bun mix and other flavours?

For the month of March only, you can find our Hot Cross Bun mix at Taylor Road IGA (Nedlands), The Boulevard IGA (City Beach), 2 nd Ave IGA (Mt Lawley), The Clean Food Store (Shenton Park), Brighton Road Food Market (Scarborough), Generics Urban Apothecary (Northbridge), Body Project (Nedlands) and Merchant & Maker (Dunsborough).

For all our other delicious flavours you can find them at the above stockists and also at The Boatshed Market (Cottesloe), Joe’s Grocer (Connolly) and the Good Grocer (Applecross).

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