Boomers is a reputable high-quality protein powder business right here in Perth.

To put it simply, Boomers are focussed on helping people achieve their health and fitness goals by sourcing and providing the best quality products at an affordable price.

Their products are of premium quality, 100% natural and they don’t add anything else to it.

Their products are:

  • Additive free
  • Unflavoured
  • No fillers
  • No bulking agents
  • No sweeteners
  • No preservatives
  • Gluten Free
  • Their whey protein is sourced from New Zealand dairy herds grazing on healthy green pastures.

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What makes Boomers uniquely different to other protein powder businesses?

Boomers is in the business of simple and effective solutions. We are a team of health or fitness professionals and we are determined to bring about change in the supplement industry. Many products and brands will try to sell you on a product based on who else takes it or by funding their own studies to write that conclusion on their bag. We noticed this, and still see it every day, we aren’t satisfied with that approach.
We take the best current independent research on supplementation, from those many hours of ongoing research we source only the products that are shown to be safe and effective. We source them in their highest quality form, and bring them to the Australian market without touching them other than to put them into a smaller convenient bag. We have no interest in exaggerating the truth of their effectiveness and so we only say what is true and relevant to the consumer. This keeps our operating costs low so we can maintain our mission of keeping our supplementation affordable.

We understand that our approach doesn’t make us as flashy or exciting as some of the other options. But from Boomers you will also get honesty, integrity and just the good stuff, nothing else. Our customers acknowledge and respect that, they know if our product line changes it demonstrates an alteration in the current best research. Once you are a customer of Boomers protein, you are a customer for life.


What makes your protein powders the best and highest quality?

There is an important aspect missing from this question and it is affordable. We acknowledge that there are some other companies with comparable products to our own, we don’t produce the powders in-house we just source the best option so we have a repeatable end product. However, no one else seems to share our view that they should be affordable as we maintain to be the best value option for the highest quality protein powders.

But to answer the question, it comes down to two key factors; the source and manufacturing method. We buy from grass-fed cattle, grazing on herbicide and pesticide free pastures. The milk is processed in a delicate way in a slow and cold environment. Because the result is a fluffy, neutrally flavoured powder with an outstanding amino acid profile. We aim for the fluffy neutral powder so that the powder can be versatile and flavourless, this allows it to be easily added to any recipe or taken on its own. The amino acid profile is also very important, amino acid are the thing you’re looking for from a protein source just like fibre and vitamins are from your vegetables, the more the better! Like I said, our process is delicate so it results in an undenatured powder that is very high in amino acids in comparison to our competitors. You can learn more about why they’re so important at our website


Quite often protein powders are only associated with weight lifting and building muscle. Who else will benefit from using protein powders and why?

Every single person can benefit from a protein powder as it is a great tool to aid in achieving a greater overall intake of protein, which is strongly associated with a diet that is ideal to weight management, this will be discussed in greater length further on. There’s a key flaw in the way of thinking that the public has towards protein powders, but it absolutely makes sense that they think in this way given the way most supplement companies often advertise. The goal of a protein powder is almost entirely to do with reaching your daily protein goals, not the post workout shake (which is just as useful as a pre workout shake or a wake up in the middle of the night shake!). Yes, it is true if your goal is to put on muscle mass protein is more important. However, whey protein is no greater at performing the task of rebuilding muscle than chicken, fish or beef.

The key benefit of a protein powder over a meat source is in its macronutrient isolation, as in you don’t have to have fat or carbohydrate with it like with an animal protein, its versatility and its value for money.

We see the common Western diet is high carbohydrate, high fat and low or moderate protein. However, protein in comparison to carbohydrate is calorie equivalent and is less likely to be eaten in very large amounts quickly. But, the vital factor is that it has been shown that higher protein intakes generally lead to a lower overall calorie intake. Whey Protein is not fat burning or weight loss inducing, Whey Protein can aid to decrease your overall daily intake, this is how it helps a weight management or weight loss process. Diet’s aimed at weight maintenance that are higher in protein are shown to be more effective through increased satiety causing an ease of adherence.


Do you have a favourite product, which is it and why?

Not really, if I had to choose a product it would likely be the Brown Rice Protein. Just because it’s relatively new and exciting! All our other products have been available to us since the business began but only recently has a vegan option that met our expectations for a protein supplement came out. It almost matches the Whey Protein Isolate in terms of amino acid profile which is much more than any other vegan protein powder can claim. Also it’s 1000 mesh meaning it is as smooth as any brown rice protein option can be, this makes it very palatable for anyone willing to try it out.


What is next for Boomers?

Boomers will continue its exact operation it has always undertaken. As a team of health and fitness professionals, we consider the best independent research about supplementation and bringing only those products shown to be effective and safe that we can supply for affordable price. What’s next for Boomers depends very much on what research may come out. You can be certain though that if you look at what isn’t next for Boomers, you may have a great standpoint for the type of products to purchase especially in regards to protein supplementation.


Any directions you can give that will help us create the perfect Protein Food and Drink?

Adding Protein to Fluids:

  • Add 1 serve of Boomers protein powder to ¼ cup or more of fluid
  • Whisk together until mixed thoroughly, or mix in a blender for a few seconds
  • Preferably use immediately but can be stored sealed in the fridge
  • If stored, liquid may separate and needs to be mixed through again prior to use


Protein Yogurt / Creams

  • Add 1 scoop Boomers protein powder to 2 tablespoons or more of Greek Yogurt or sour cream
  • Slowly fold in until mixed to a thin consistency
  • This will give approximately a ¼ cup / 30gm protein serve


Tips & Tricks

  • Mix powders into liquids rather than liquid into powders when making shakes and smoothies e. put the liquid in first then the powder – this makes it easier to dissolve the powder into the liquid.
  • Try adding ice – this can make a lot of difference to the taste of a smoothie
  • Whey protein is a dairy protein and naturally mixes well with other dairy products such as milk, yogurt, creams etc.
  • Rice protein is a grain protein and goes well with nuts, rice/nut/soy milks, water and oils
  • Liquid options – Try coconut water, nut or seed-based milks
  • Fruit options – pretty much anything; bananas, dates, mango, berries, apple, pineapple etc.
  • Herbs & Spice Options – try mint, lemon grass, cinnamon, ginger, vanilla and cacao
  • The older the recipe the better from a potential denaturing point of view. Whilst still a great source of protein, some of the additional benefits may be lost when the protein has been exposed to greater than 70deg or 150deg f.
  • For extra essential fatty acids, add flex seed oil to any smoothie recipe
  • To add emoga-3 and omega-6 to your diet, burst a capsule of fish oil and evening primrose into the mix
  • Other users of Boomers Protein powder include, dips, protein balls, overnight oats, ice cream, soups, smoothies and shakes – the possibilities are endless!!


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