Chickpeas a Prebiotic – Stamina State

Our bodies are so amazing! Each of us has good microflora bacteria in our gut which helps break down foods that are not digested immediately. Foods that are high in fibre promote this process, which improves digestion by increasing the level of probiotics in the gut and in turn promotes and improves overall health in the body.

The simplest way to describe prebiotics is they are the food for the healthy bacteria found in our gut.

A healthy body starts with a healthy gut supported by prebiotics but a 2016 Australian Bureau of Statistics report from the Australian Health Survey (AHS)1 has revealed that more than 96% of Australian are not eating enough vegetables and legumes which provide the high fiber prebiotics. Not getting enough fiber can lead to bad bacteria taking over which leads to inflammation in the body, contributing to a range of health issues such as heart disease, diabetes and bowel cancer.

“Probiotics are the actual bacteria, so the prebiotics are what provide the food that help keep the probiotic healthy, which in turn helps keep our gastrointestinal tract healthy,” accredited practising dietitian and sports dietitian, Chloe McLeod, told HuffPost Australia.

High fibre prebiotic foods include legumes (like chickpeas, lentils and kidney beans), wholegrains (barley rice and quinoa), onion, garlic and asparagus.

Even more reason to snack on our Chibbs and maintain your gut health while fuelling your body and mind with a clean healthy high protein and high fibre snack.

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