In October we are hosting a workshop that focuses on one question – what does it mean to have a healthy home?

The Event
Our homes are something we hold in very high esteem (just scroll through any Instagram page and you will be sure to see a picture proudly displaying a “clean” room with an artfully placed coffee cup and magazine). HOUSE OF SPLENDOUR is an event designed to look beyond the façade and into the health of your home. Further than that, this event is all about giving you the tools and knowledge to make your own natural products at home and reduce the chemicals that are being used and absorbed everyday.

The Guest
Krissy from The Inspired Little Pot is joining us for House of Splendour as our guest speaker, chemical-free curator, and invited inspiration. She has dedicated her career to helping people being their homes back to life and health. Here’s a little something from Krissy: “I am making it my mission to empower as many people as I can to make positive changes to their lifestyles, mainly through the minimisation and avoidance of unnecessary chemicals … we can make small changes by making our homes healthier, improving the quality of air that we breathe, and therefore reducing the impact considerably.”

The Schedule
2.00pm – Introduction discussion on the need to reduce chemicals in the home, incl. personal care and body products.
2.30pm – Krissy gives a demonstration on making your own detoxifying pit-paste and bath salts.
2:50pm – Enjoy gourmet loose leaf tea while meeting other passionate wellness stall holders, including Cara from Pure Home Body, Suda from Pickld, the team from Kochii Eucalyptus and off course Krissy from the Inspired Little Pot.
3.20pm – Krissy gives demonstration on making your own washing powder, magnesium oil, and deodorant.
3:55pm – Questions and group discussion, plus draw for door prizes
4:00pm – More time to enjoy drinks until event concludes at 4:30pm

The Goodies
We will have probiotic water by Perkii and gourmet loose leaf tea by The Tea Crowd on tap. Well, not really on tap, but that is an innovation we could get behind. In addition, there will be pop-up style stalls where you will have the opportunity to connect with the passionate business owners from past Splendour Boxes.  Each guest will take home a mini Splendour Box filled with a range of inspirational products.

The Place
There are some very inspired spaces making themselves known and occupied all over Perth. Creative shares, workshop warehouses, open-planned studios. While on the hunt for the perfect venue for this event, we found just the gem. Cleaver Street Studio. The energy it brings is like adding another guest to the list:

HOUSE OF SPLENDOUR is an event that is designed to teach you how to “diagnose” your home and then create natural products yourself to bring it back to life.

Date: 21st October
Time: 2pm arrival till 4:30pm
Location: 14 Cleaver Street, West Perth, 6005.
Cost:  $38

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