Fennel & Dill Sauerkraut Cooking Demonstration with Kristen Pavez

I recently met up with the creative, talented, whole food cook & educator Kristen Pavez for a live demonstration on making her Fennel & Dill Saurkraut.

We had so much fun, but more importantly I learned how to make Saurkraut and so will you!!

In this step-by-step demonstration video Kristen and I also discuss;

  1. The benefits of eating fermented foods
  2. The different types of fermented foods & drinks
  3. How to serve your saurkraut
  4. What to serve it with.

The full recipe is available in your February Splendour Box.

Kristen also runs her own cooking classes in Perth, for more information visit:  www.kristenpavez.com


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