Fiona Herron is the founder and owner of Foodie Fee, a Sydney based business that creates delicious, healthy alternative food & snacks.  Foodie Fee is on a mission to fully transition to compostable packaging, which is something Fiona is extremely passionate about.  We look forward to following this company’s amazing journey!

What was the inspiration behind FOODIE FEE and how did it all come to life?

Foodie Fee is a reflection of how I try to live my life – with simplicity and with gratitude. Foodie Fee came to life in 2013 when I used to bake some products for my husband’s café (he and his business partner started a bike shop & café in Sydney’s CBD). I used to make healthy snacks ‘orbs’ for myself at home and I thought “I wonder if they would sell?” So, I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to test my creations in their café and customers enjoyed them… and it has grown from there.

We were thrilled when we read the article Compostable Packaging completes the picture
for Foodie Fee.

Fiona, why was it so important for you to find a compostable solution for your range?

I am a scientist at heart and the importance of a systematic and holistic approach to whatever I do has always been paramount – you don’t want to solve a problem only to cause a new one by doing so.

Snack food is awesome and a great way to reduce the amount of food you need to consume – the problem with snacking is the amount of waste generated… by finding “home compostable” (very different to industrial compostable – which is all that has been available until now) means that snacks can be enjoyed knowing that you won’t be leaving a legacy of landfill behind. This is very important to me.

What has the response been since announcing that you are moving to compostable packaging?

Really positive – it seems there are more and more people concerned about what we leave behind for our children and their children. We just can’t transition fast enough – unfortunately/fortunately, it is all a numbers game so as soon as it is sustainable (financially) we will transition all of our products to home compostable packaging and phase out our conventional packaging. This will be an AWESOME day!!

We are excited to share with our community the delicious and oh so Christmassy Pistachio and Cranberry orb, bursting with the refreshing, sharp flavour of cranberry followed by the crunchy mildness of the pistachio nut. How do you choose the ingredients for your products and where do you source them from?

For me, flavour creations are inspired by everyday experiences – this orb was inspired by a nougat of the same name (that I used to be in love with). Having reduced the amount of refined sugar I consume (years ago) meant that I’m often trying to find alternatives that taste the same but are also nourishing and have additional health benefits.

Coming up with new flavours is one of the most fun things about my job!

What other products are in your range?

Other products we have to offer are:

Orbs_Round – we have three other flavours – Goji Berry, Inca Berry and Almond Cacao

Orbs_Nibbles – we take our round orbs and expand on the flavour – making luxury trail mixes that are to die for! Take our Pistachio Cranberry Round Orb for example, first we make nibble-sized pistachio cranberry orbs and then we mix them with activated pistachios, dried cranberries and Loving Earth choc-coated cranberries… serious taste explosion!

Orbs_Smashed – we take our orbs and smash them. Making amazing toppings for anything! Looking for a healthy alternative to chocolate sprinkles – then look no further! Two flavours so far – Banana Coconut and Maca Cacao

Chia – we make dry chia mixes – all you need to do is add the milk of your choice. So simple, easy and delicious! We have single serves and larger 5 serve packs. Currently four flavours – Blueberry, Apple Cinnamon, Coconut Cacao and Double Cacao Where can we purchase them from?

To find your local supplier by using the postcode search here.
Or, you can always visit our website: we offer free shipping for orders over $50.

Share with us your top 3 tips on how to overcome that 3pm slump?

Two of my tips are quick and easy and the third is for those interested in a more in-depth and holistic approach to overall health.

1. Don’t resort to snacks made with refined sugar. Grab an orb (or similar!) with clean ingredients that will give you a lasting energy boost. I personally can’t go past an Inca Berry orb and a cup of tea.

2. Move. Especially if you have an office job – get up and go for a brisk walk. It only needs to be around the office but getting your body moving.

3. Do regular sugar-fasts. This is part of a larger, more involved health plan but the benefits are great and it is worth the effort – no longer hitting the 3pm slump is just one of them.

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