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Jessica Lowe is the creative mind behind Happy Healthy. Jessica is qualified in Nutrition for Fitness and is passionate about healthy cooking and eating and dedicates her time on researching new food trends in gut health, food that fuels the body and ways to achieve your weight loss and physical image goals through diet and exercise.

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What inspired you to create your business Happy Healthy?

It is quite simple really, I just want to help make people become happier and healthier. =)

I know through personal experience that the healthier you are, both mentally, physically and emotionally- the happier you become. I aim to help people who are serious about making a life change and I try and make the process as simple, enjoyable and fun as possible.


Happy Healthy is made up of 3 areas that come together to offer the perfect solution for our weight loss and overall health goals. Talk us through these 3 areas.

Like any sustainable weight loss solution or healthy lifestyle change- consistency is key and it needs to be a holistic approach to both food and fitness. Therefore our slogan at Happy Healthy is- Where food and fitness combine. The food aspect of Happy Healthy is basically broken down into 2 areas- food and nutrition coaching. Then there is fitness.
1. Food: The first product that my business Happy Healthy business ever offered while I studied and worked full-time was our Happy Healthy raw treat range. The range consists of home style slices and raw balls and every product is gluten free, diary free, made with organic nuts, fruit and seeds. The treats are also free from added sugars and preservatives. These products are sold to local cafes and gyms in Fremantle and we also do quite a lot of catering jobs as well.

2. Nutrition: In 2015/2016, I studied a diploma of nutrition so I could put my passion for healthy cooking into something useful and help others have a balanced healthy lifestyle and relationship with food. Good nutrition is not about calorie counting, it is about nourishing your body with the right foods at the right time. Since starting my nutrition consulting I have created hundreds of recipes and have over 300 in my database that I use in my nutrition guides. The Happy Healthy business has naturally progressed and we also offer cooking classes and nutrition seminars- a good mix of the above presenting my personal theory on food, cooking and nutrition. I have so much fun running the corporate cooking challenges- it is the best and the clients love it too!

3. Fitness: I am also a qualified personal trainer with both my certificate 3 & 4 in Fitness. I am such a people person and I love running fitness classes and doing one on one PT sessions. I love nothing more than training hard, moving my body and coaching others to enjoy the same! I guess, this is why I call myself a Wellness Coach because I am all about a healthy balance with food and fitness and I also like to help clients work on mental barriers, because the first step to any change is always mindset.


What is the Winter Wellness Guide?
The Winter Wellness guide is a guide to keep people well through Winter. It has motivational health tips, in-home workouts, healthy recipes, teaches you about counting macronutrients over calories so you can achieve a balanced diet with delicious food as well meal prepping advice.


In the mini Winter Wellness Guide in our June Splendour Box you have included a 50% discount voucher for a nutrition & wellness consultation. What would this entail and how would that motivate us to take the next step in our wellness journey?

My Wellness & nutrition consults ask a serious of questions to identify people’s goals, what their lifestyle is like, the road blocks they may face and how I can make a nutrition guide that will suit their personal goals, lifestyle and of course overcome their road blocks. I then use this information to guide them with their healthy eating options over a serious of weeks so they can get results and learn how to make the nutrition guide a way of life. They will learn about their bodies personal needs when it comes to fuel (food), plus they will also learn about what foods are best eaten at what times to have sustained energy and feel great. This all comes in our large 30-40 page winter wellness guide with over 30 recipes personally created for their needs. If weight loss is the main goal, I can also work out a person’s macronutrient requirements as part of the package, they just need to send me a photo and some body composition facts so I can do the math. Consults can be done in person or vis phone/email.


What inspires you to stay dedicated to your health goals?

Knowing where I have come from and that I never want to be back there- we all have a story but it is how we read those pages to write the next chapter that matters.

Also, being a fantastic role model for my family. I basically decided I would leave my corporate career behind at the same time my husband and I started planning for a family. I want to be the best mother and role model that I can be and this inspires me every day, it is my passion and my purpose. My husband, Jason and I are expecting our first baby in July this year and we cannot feel more blessed.


What is next for you and the Happy Healthy Brand?
Aside from being the best mum possible, I just hope to inspire and positively impact as many lives as I can- sounds lame but it is true. The health & fitness market is very hard to crack and it also hard to make money, especially when you are not in it for the money. If it was about money I would have stayed in my last corporate career and trust me making such a big change is not easy! I am no longer motivated by a pay cheque, I am motivated by helping people, it feels great! Plus I love food and fitness so using my passion, I want to continue to have integrity and be genuine with my approach.

People are always telling me to write a cook book so I am thinking a recipe app would be my next project, I would love for my passion of healthy food to go global… now that is a big dream. I also love collaborating and working with people so running a wellness centre is also my secret dream, goal and vision…. But I guess it is not a secret now 😉


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