Superfoods by La-Kult 100% organic, ethically and sustainably sourced.

Superfoods by La-Kult 100% organic, ethically and sustainably sourced.

La Kult is a Perth based company that offers a range of 100% organic, sustainably sourced superfoods.  La Kult will also be unveiling their superfood skincare range later this year.

Several years back, through his travels in Brazil, Alex was first introduced to Camu Camu and Acai – very powerful superfoods.  But it was only after he met Shirly that their passion for healthy living inspired them to turn their love for these ingredients into a business.

Follow La Kult on Instagram @la_kult and facebook @lakult where they where many recipes and tips on how to incorporate superfoods into your diet.

Tell us a bit more about you and what first inspired you to start developing your range of organic superfood products?

As the founders of La Kult we have always been active and interested in healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle. Before starting La Kult we worked in the corporate world in the mining and banking sector and started using Superfoods to allow us to maintain the hectic pace associated with our work. We soon found that they gave us multiple health benefits from improving energy, making us feel a lot healthier, increasing focus and improving digestion. That is when we made the decision to start importing product from around the world and the brand La Kult was born.

We then started sharing our products with friends and people we knew and before long we had quit our jobs and started to work on La Kult full time and we haven’t looked back.

What is a superfood and what are the benefits of consuming it?

A Superfood is a food which is very high in nutrients, antioxidants, vitamins and amino acids. We sell the product range we do because they are among the most nutrient and vitamin dense products on the planet.

Benefits include improving your immune system, improving energy and anti-ageing. Check out our website to see which Superfood is right for you but ultimately including any of our products in your diet will give you a dramatic improvement in your health.

La Kult Superfoods are freeze dried fruit products with no additional additives or fillers which can be used as part of your daily diet in many different food applications from smoothies to baking.

What is your vision for the brand and what you do?

We have big visions for the brand beyond purely Superfoods and are currently developing a range of skincare and beauty products focused on Superfood active ingredients. Ultimately, we always want to produce products that are great for people’s health and ethically sourced which gives our customers the best available as well as keeping us ethical as a brand.

Our brand is becoming big in China right now so we are working to develop that further as well as looking at another product range which we will develop in 2017. Ultimately, we want to keep moving forwards as a company and developing products that put a smile on customer’s faces, so if you have an idea of what you might like to see in our product range get in touch and let us know.

Your products are ethically sourced, sustainable and Australian certified organic.  Why are you so passionate about these key factors?

For us it is very important that the products we sell are Australian Certified Organic, ethically sourced and sustainable for two reasons: a) this certification ensures that our products contain no nasties, no pesticides which gives our customers peace of mind that they are putting good quality products in their body, and b) we want to leave as little footprint on the planet as possible. Our products are farmed in sustainable communities, for example, our Acai is wild harvested in the Amazon Rainforest by the local indigenous people.

Ethics is important to us as a brand: it gives us peace of mind that while we are a business we can also give something back to the world by making sure our products have the maximum benefit for our customers, the people that produce them and the minimum effect on the environment.

What products are included in your range?

We have five products in our powdered Superfoods range; all are Australian Certified Organic:

Camu Camu

Which is your favourite product and why?

We love our Australian Certified Organic Acai. Our Acai has one of the highest antioxidant contents of any Acai on the market and makes great smoothies. The two things that stands out about it are the rich taste and amazing purple colour.

Where can we go to purchase your products?

Our products are currently available through our online store at They can also be purchased through various other online retailers in Australia. We are currently developing relationships with the major supermarkets and chains, so expect to see our products on the shelves in 2017.

You are working on a skincare range, how exciting!  What products can we look forward to and when they be available?

Our first product will be an overnight face mask containing Acai and Camu Camu. Both products are very high in antioxidants and nutrients with Camu Camu containing 60 times the vitamin C of oranges and being the highest source of vitamin C on the planet. These two ingredients are very powerful and are amazing to include in any skincare product.

We are also developing a coffee scrub product and other skincare products which we will be testing in 2017.

Can you share with us your favourite recipe using Spirulina?

The simplest is always the best: Spirulina, banana and flax seed smoothie.

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