Maree Wilkenson

“Helping Busy People Create Change in Their Health Through Food”

Maree Wilkinson, qualified chef, recipe developer and owner of Maree Wilkinson uses a holistic approach to health to create a product range that includes breakfast mueslis, baking mixes and chocolates.

From Bunbury Western Australia, Maree’s story began when she was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease which started her on the journey of developing her gluten free, paleo range.

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Maree, you are passionate about following a Paleo, gluten free diet, what are the health benefits?

I have discovered that my symptoms are greatly reduced by following a grain free, Paleo diet. Grains, legumes, gluten and dairy are inflammatory. For me it can trigger a flare up after a period of time.


Making the change to gluten free can be quite daunting, do you have a general rule or recommendation that would help families on this initial journey?

Many people switch from standard wheat to a gluten free diet, which can be costly but also swapping 1 lot of empty calories for another. Not to mention the added sugar in many gluten free products. My suggestion is start with 1 thing, bread, biscuits, cereals whatever it is and make it. Don’t make everything, otherwise it can be too overwhelming and you end up doing nothing.


What products are available in the Maree Wilkinson range?

Currently the muesli and granola range and the organic raw chocolate range. We are finalising development of 2 new product ranges – Paleo Baking Mixes and an Organic Soup Mix range. These 2 new ranges will be available in about 6 weeks.


Where can we purchase them from?

Visit my stockist page to see local stockists in Perth, or from me online. We offer free express shipping with no minimum purchase. We also sell our bulk granola to Fresh Provisions IGA Bicton & Mt Lawley and Roots & Greens in Freo.


You included your gorgeous raw, vegan, paleo chocolate in the May edition Splendour Box. What makes these chocolates so special?

When I first changed how I wanted to eat, I just couldn’t find a chocolate that fitted my philosophy. Most of the raw chocolates were more like fudge, they had quite a lot of sugar still and some even agave at the time still. I wanted to create a chocolate that has all of the health benefits of raw chocolate but still tastes like chocolate. I temper my chocolate which allows it to sit at room temperature, but still has the texture of chocolate with 4 times more antioxidants than cooked chocolate.


What can we look forward to seeing from Maree Wilkinson this year?

As I said before, we have the 2 new product ranges being released in a few weeks and I have just completed a Healthy Eating Plan – Switching to Paleo in 30 days. Finalising many of the recipes still. But it is aimed at the mum who is so busy taking care of her family that switching to Paleo is too overwhelming. It is for the woman who is tired of being unwell, but still needs to function. Planning on an October release at this stage.

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