Melinda’s Gluten Free Goodies: Did someone say GUILT-FREE dessert?!


Melinda’s Gluten Free Goodies was created by Coeliac Melinda Trembath 14 years ago after desperately seeking great tasting gluten free baked goods in Brisbane cafes (well and truly over friands and jaffa cakes!!). 

Initially a gluten free café cake business after four years Melinda created a range of  gourmet gluten free baking mixes for Woolworths that allowed home bakers, short on time, to create home-style products not filled with chemicals and preservatives.  

Fast forward 14 years and with three kids our home eating focuses on multiple allergy, lower carbs and clean ingredients which has transferred to our Melinda’s brand with new commercial products created to help busy parents/families be part of the ‘real food revolution’ by creating cost effective, multiple allergy baking mixes following a low carb, high protein and sugar free philosophy.

How has your focus changed for Melinda’s in the past 14 years?  

In the beginning of the baking mix business I was purely focused on great tasting gluten free baking mixes that look enticing on the shelf and were not filled with baking emulsifiers and preservatives.  This meant they baked liked homemade and every box created a different product based on the personal touches in peoples kitchens.  Our customers loved they could get away with saying they had made them from scratch!!! (and still do today!!)  By 2007 I was running two businesses (our original café cake business and the baking mix business) and then went on to have three kids under four years old so it was crazy times and my diet consisted of many sugar sources to keep me going. As a result by 2010 I had gained 28 kg of unnecessary weight!!  I was given a copy of David Gillespie’s Sweet Poison book and with my Nutritional Food Science background and food industry position I was amazed at the information and gradually started to change our household to ‘fructose free’ (of course we were already gluten & dairy free). In 18 months, with only Pilates no other exercise, I lost this 28kg.  From this point on I started to create multiple allergy fructose free baking mixes and these days after more personal research (and the addition of FODMAP to my diet) I’m creating multiple allergy, lower carb, high protein and sugar free baking mixes and products. Our focus is to provide every day food items that suit lunchboxes and healthy afternoon tea and snacks for the whole family – actual healthy cake minus the carbs, sugar and chemicals!!

What do I want customers to know?  

I’m not a multinational company – It’s run by me, Melinda and one other casual person and together we put all of our love and energy into our products with the aim to create an easy, cost effective way for other parents to feed their family well. We continue to focus on ‘keeping it clean’ and source our ingredients from as many Australian growers as possible.  All of the products are created in my home kitchen before being up scaled and sent out to our neighbourhood and tasting team to get some serious feedback and/or the thumbs up!   With the increase of private label products in our supermarkets Australian brands and manufacturers really need your support to keep your choices wide.  You can do this by making every shopping count and purchase Australian brands & products.  Please, please look at the new Australian ingredient logo and spend some time checking each of the listed ingredients before making a choice for your family.  While ever we can continue to make a difference to other families we will continue to diversify the Melinda’s range.

Melinda’s Gluten Free Pancake or Muffin mixes are featured in this months Splendour Box! Do yourself a favour and get sampling!!!


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