Mindful Mandalas By Karen Hansen

Written By Karen Hansen from Pure Relaxation

The word mediation came into my life after suffering for many years from anxiety. I was searching for answers.

In 2014 after completing Module 1 of the ‘Mindfulness Based Stillness Mediation’ (MBSM) teacher training at The Gawler Foundation Australia I started drawing mandalas as an extra form of ‘attention training’, as I found meditating very challenging.

I find it peaceful, quietly drawing the lines of a mandala…for me it is mindful relaxation. Meditation and mandala drawing have helped me immensely in my life.

And now I can now share my mandalas to mindfully colour in or as wall art for your peaceful space…this fills my heart with so much joy.

Find somewhere quiet…take a few moments to relax…and watch the colours flow into the spaces.

With love Karen Hansen

BA(hons), BN, Post Grad Cert Ed, Diploma Remedial Massage, Mindfulness Based Stillness Mediation teacher.

Member: Meditation Association Australia.


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