My 5 tips on using your Sukin Organics Chia Seed Oil

The superfood Chia Seed has been around for a few years now and lately it’s been making its way into our skincare.

So, what are the benefits of chia seed oil and why are we all falling in love with it??

Chia seed oil is rich in omega 3, minerals, antioxidants and amino acids which means that it’s intensely nourishing, feeding our skin from the outside in.It is also anti-inflammatory and anti-ageing, making it the perfect product to apply to redness or inflamed skin.

A recent study found that after the application of Chia seed oil to the skin showed significant improvements in hydration.

My 5 tips on using your Sukin Organics Chia Seed Oil:

1. As a night time, nourishing treatment.Use it on its own or before applying your night cream after washing and toning.
2. Add a few drops to your day cream.It will add extra moisture to the skin when you are exposed to the outside elements.
3. Don’t forget to add it to your neck or décolletage (French) It’s nourishing effects will help plump up the skin and protect this thin, sensitive area.
4. Apply it gently around the eyes to reduce crow’s feet (those little fine lines)
5. Use it as a spot treatment if you suffer from dry patches on your body.

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