I’ve always known that eventually I would own my own business.

I just didn’t know when, what & why.

I was immediately drawn to the idea of owning Splendour Box because I absolutely loved the idea behind it – knowing that I can help other like-minded businesses & make people happy EACH AND EVERY MONTH, where do I sign up?! Well on GumTree of course!

Aside from the obvious reasons for wanting to own Splendour Box, there are THREE main contributing factors that lead me to the decision to take the leap and buy Splendour Box:

  1. I had some weight / skin / health issues in late 2017 that were quite literally giving me depressive episodes and so instead of going back to the doctors who had been the ones that gave me these issues in the first place, I decided to go see a Naturopath – BEST DECISION EVER. She ran some tests, worked out the ONE thing that was causing ALL THREE of my issues and was able to treat me with natural herb mixes & vitamins… It took some time but I’m back to feeling myself. In short, I love natural remedies & skincare, I had been on such harsh treatments all of my life due to suffering bad acne but since making the change, I’ve never felt better.

2. I started working for a large mining company, underneath a horrible, spirit-crushing demon who even when confronted about their behaviour.. Continued to treat me the same as before. I realised then that I would never again put myself through working for someone like that, and so instead of telling them to their face why I was resigning… I pussied out and sent them an email on the Monday night after work and wrote RESIGINING EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY so I wouldn’t have to face them the following day if they made me finish out my notice period.. or because the letter needed some dramatic flare!!!

I may have seemed like a pussy to that workplace but really, at that point, my brain could not fathom having to walk in there to deal with the condescending remarks and disappointing tones that were going to be thrown at me. I decided that for my own mental health and wellbeing, I did not need that negativity in my life so I cut that tie EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY.

3. When pondering over the idea, I realised (more like a re-realisation because I already know how lucky I am) that I have the most incredibly supportive and loving family, partner, friends & pupper in the whole entire world, who literally would follow me to the ends of the Earth if I asked them. Special mention to Dad for helping me with funds, Mum/Clive for letting me turn the front room into a real life game of Tetris and to Shannatits for being the most patient and understanding human on the planet, words will never be able to explain how much I appreciate you. Anyway, I knew that with these people in my life, I could make this leap and even if it all failed, they would love me and support me again and again and again. HOW LUCKY AM I?!

So my first week of Splendour (jesus sorry that was meant to be the main part of the blog but clearly I love talking about myself because it’s already 4 paragraphs long)…

Elena and I had a thorough handover to ensure a smooth transition of the business and to be honest, the processes and procedures for everything are so well set-up that I’ve literally been able to pretty much slide into the chair and pick up where she left off. 

But even so, I knew my first month wasn’t going to be easy! But already in the first week, I’ve had the following go wrong:

  • Well, I had to rely on Dad to get me a laptop.. I had a small glimmer of hope that I’d be able to run Splendour Box off of my iPad but SORRY NO ASH, there is just too much!
  • PayPal & Stripe Accounts were suspended until all my details were transferred over so I couldn’t launch the April Campaign 
  • One of the products freight was delayed (still isn’t here, holy sh*t) and therefore I’ve been unable to send the influencers their boxes & properly pack all of Aprils Boxes. Which again means that Aprils Campaign is slightly delayed.
  • I thought I had 2 x 100 packs of the Splendour Boxes left but turns out these were the Mini Splendour Box sized boxes and NO COURIERS WILL NOT DELIVER YOUR GOODS TOMORROW therefore half of the orders have all of the products squished into the mini-boxes. P.S. The tissue paper is perfectly sized for the Original sized Splendour Boxes…. Trivial I know.
  • OH AND DID I MENTION, that before I took over Splendour Box, I thought “FlatLay” was a sleeping position?!

BUT YOU KNOW WHAT, instead of focusing on all these problems and issues above (well I understand it may look that way because I’ve clearly detailed them to you in my first ever blog), I haven’t. I have pushed through with every single thing that has happened and found alternative options and solutions. These things are going to happen when you own your own business, and being only one person – there is only so much I can do about it. 

So in conclusion, owning Splendour Box (for only a week, yes I know) has been a dream come true, I feel like I have found something to put all of my passion and energy into and I’m so thankful that life has lead me down this path.

Lots of love and positivity, Ash x

P.S. I don’t believe in proof reading, sorry in advance.

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