November Box

In our November Box you discovered 7 all natural food and self-care products, plus Nourish Yourself, Inside & Out daily rituals by Carla Thomas, Holistic Counsellor / Mind-Body Medicine, Wholefood Cheerleader, Author, I Quit Sugar Expert and Founder of The Juicy Movement.



Teff Pancake Mix, sweet or savoury RRP $7.95 350g 
Teff, a grain that is naturally gluten-free, low GI and supercharged with iron, protein, calcium and other essential minerals.This pancake mix is perfect for breakfast, lunch, dinner or snacks in between.

Funch Bliss Ball Mix 40g sample RRP $10.95 125g (including a list of your local stockists)

Delicious and nutrient dense nut free, chocolate bliss ball mix.A source of energy and fibre, wheat free, vegan, dairy free and low in gluten.Just add 2 ingredients and start rolling.

Freedom Spices certified organic Taco Spice Blend 10g sample RRP $7.95 40g (including a list of your local stockists) FREE shipping for orders over $40.

100% organic, no hidden nasties, preservative, gluten and dairy free this delicious spice mix is a favourite on roast vegetables, soups, stews and off course tacos.
Organic cumin, organic chili powder, Himalayan salt, organic black pepper, organic ground coriander, organic cayenne pepper, organic garlic powder, organic onion powder, organic crushed red pepper flakes, organic dried oregano, organic paprika.

Bee Firm NRG Natural, un-carbonated honey drink RRP $3.99 300ml
Enjoy the benefits of locally sourced Australian Darling Range honey and Kimberley Kakadu Plum – the Australian superfood with the highest vitamin C content of any fruit in the world. 50 times more than an orange.



Second Nature Botanicals Uplifting Citrus Spray 15 ml RRP $25 220ml
A refreshing blend of Orange, Lime, Lemongrass, Grapefruit and Lemon Myrtle.This beautiful spray will instantly freshen any room in the home or spray over yourself for an instant pick-me-up.

Verissima Natural Skincare Rosehip Moisturising sample RRP $46.75 120ml 
A truly gorgeous and magical moisturiser. Rosehip have a plethora of healing benefits. It is renowned for its ability to help regenerate new skin cells.

each box will come wth a surprise gift for you to enjoy!

Our Vegan Subscribers will receive a VEGAN FOOD WRAP, brand new to the market by The Family Hub.

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