October Box #youresplendid

This SOLD OUT box has been one of our most popular & most interesting boxes.  The combination of food, beauty & home care was just right and you loved it.  We know because we received heaps of lovely comments on social media about the products you received.

Here is the list of the products and the online stores where you can re-purchase your favourites!


The Super Tonic by Wild Vinegar Co. 200ml $14.00 @wildvinegarco  www.wildvinegarco.com.au
Known as ‘tincture’s’ which draw the natural goodness of the ingredients into the liquid, these tonics are raw infused, unfiltered and unpasteurised. They may help with inflammation, digestion, allergies, weight loss, high blood pressure, lack of energy, high blood sugar levels & stress.

The Tea Crowd (sample included) 4 Tea Taster $14.95 @theteacrowd www.theteacrowd.com.au
Loose leaf tea, hand blended with quality, natural ingredients. The creative tea mixes of either Sweet Slumber, Ginger Zing, Balance or Mango Coco, will take your taste buds on an exciting journey.

PEG Bar NEW by Freedom Foods 40g $3.00 @peg_bar #besquare www.freedomfoods.com.au Available to purchase at your local IGA & Coles.

Plant based energy bar packed with chia seeds and whole grain oats, a source of essential Omega 3 fatty acids, fibre and iron to help your body fight fatigue, create energy and support brain power. Available in delicious flavours of Mango & Coconut, Goji Berry & Macadamia, Coffee & Hazelnut and Blueberry & Vanilla Bean.

Premium Blend Seasoning by PICKLD 60g $7.00 @pickldit  www.pickld.com
These ready to use Roast, Salad & Sprinkle Seasoning will turn any novice into a gourmet chef. Simply add the seasoning to roasted or steamed veggies, sprinkle on salad to get a crunchy texture or even mix it with cooked rice, couscous, quinoa or noodles to create exotic flavoured meals and boost nutrition at the same time. Flavours include: Coriander Seasoning, Sesame Seasoning, Savoury Coconut Seasoning.


The Sneak Peak edition of The Inspired Little Book by Krissy Ballinger $39.95 from The Inspired Little Pot @theinspiredlittlepot www.theinspiredlittlepot.com.au
This booklet is a collection of 6 natural body care and cleaning recipes to inspire and start you on your DIY body care & cleaning journey, along with the raw ingredient, Organic Bentonite Clay (200g), present in many of the recipes.

NEW recently launched home range by PURE HOME BODY @purehomebody www.purehomebody.com.au
Pharmacist formulated, effective, plant based, non-toxic, eco-friendly home products. You’ll get to try out their recently launched Laundry or Dishwashing Liquid.

NEW Kochii Australian Eucalyptus Oil 100ml $11.25 @kochii_eucalyptus_oil www.kochiieucalyptusoil.com.au
Produced exclusively from Eucalyptus kochii, grown in the wheatbelt in WA. The leaves contain the highest oil content of any of the 800 species of eucalyptus, plus the oil has the highest concentration of cineole anywhere in the world. Eucalyptus oil has multiple purposes and including surface cleaning, air freshener & disinfectant. (Full information guide is included in your box)


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