Enjoy a FULL SIZE Oz Plum Skin Therapy balm in your Splendour Box this month and fall in love with this incredible vitamin C rich product.


What inspired you to create a skincare range using the Kakadu Plum as the main active ingredient in Oz Plum Skin Therapy?

Our vision was to create a skin care product which was both 100% natural and contained a unique Australian ingredient. After an extensive research process we learnt about the amazing benefits Kakadu Plum has when applied to cosmetics so we decided it would be our signature active ingredient.


What are the benefits of using this high-level vitamin C formulation on the skin?

Vitamin C, in its purest form, is a potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant, a tyrosinase inhibitor (assisting in diminishing pigmentation) and aids in the anti-aging of skin and cells by boosting collagen production.  Our Kakadu Plum is the highest form of naturally available Vitamin C which means it’s suitable for even the most sensitive of skins, and supports the skin’s functionality by achieving optimal health.


How and when should I incorporate the Oz Plum Skin Therapy in my daily routine?

OZPlum’s unique formulation allows for maximum penetration and absorbency, with a light weight texture that leaves the skin velvety smooth, hydrated and plump.  As a multipurpose balm with an ingredient structure aimed at all skin layers, OZPlum can be used to: protect, hydrate and plump lips, replenish dehydrated skin when used as a hand and body balm (and diminishes signs of stretch-marks!), as well as being extremely nurturing and healing on sensitive skins such as eczema and rosacea.  To wake up with an extra bright, radiant complexion try using OZPlum as a treatment night balm on your face.


Where can I repurchase my OzPlum Skin Therapy?

OZPLUM Skin Therapy 25g


What can we look forward to seeing next from Oz Plum?

To complement our on-line sales we hope to soon be stocked in retail outlets throughout Australia. We are also excited about our international launch which is commencing soon in Hong Kong.

Later in the year we are excited to introduce further products to the OZPLUM brand which will still focus on our ethos of 100% natural ingredients combined with our special signature ingredient the Kakadu Plum.


You will receive a full size Oz Plum Skin Therapy Balm as part of your July Splendour Box which is on sale now!

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