We get a taste of Perth based juicing company, RE FRESH

We love all things natural and healthy and even though we cannot include fresh, pressed juices in our boxes, we adore them and want to share them with you.

I recently received a hand delivered, parcel of fresh juices by Perth based juice and cleanse business, RE FRESH. They arrived in a cute, branded cooler bag to keep the juices cool and fresh till I was able to put them in the fridge, but not before taking a generous sip of each.

RE FRESH is the result of passionate foodie, juicer and chef, Liam.
Having travelled extensively and working long hours in world class kitchens while rubbing shoulders with celebs such as Sir Paul McCartney, Madonna and Prince, Liam found himself back in humble Perth, driven by his passion to create a range of exceptionally tasting and nutrient dense juices.

All RE FRESH juices are all cold pressed, raw and unpasteurised to maintain the highest quality juice, ensuring all the vital nutrients are kept in tact.

While I can see the benefit of drinking a freshly made fruit and veggie juice, I was keen to know why I should consider a juice cleanse and how it could benefit me.


We caught up with owner Liam to ask a few questions.

What is the benefit of doing a juice cleanse?
“A juice cleanse is great for taking in tonnes of nutrients and minerals as well as keeping hydrated. I think for a lot of our customers, I include myself in this actually, a cleanse as a really good way of mentally changing things up in your life. Giving your body some downtime from processed foods, sugar and caffeine it might just be the kickstart you need to get out of a food rut. The juices obviously taste great too so hopefully you won’t miss your food too much on the day!”


Re Fresh offers 3 types of cleanses, what is the difference between them?
“We’ve got three cleanse levels. The first is designed for those who might not have done a cleanse before. Juices are light, sweet and the day ends with our really indulgent almond milk which is great for filling you up in the evening. Level two goes a little deeper with less fruit and more greens. The day starts with a charcoal lemonade to purify and absorb toxins. Level 3 is lean, green and alkaline rich designed to get your blood ph above neutral (7.3) and that is when our bodies function the best.”


I tried the juices below and loved every one of them. I have 2 young kids and one is a fussy eater, but even he loved the Grounding juice!

GREEN A: Apple, Celery, Cucumber, Cos Lettuce, Kale, Parsley, Lemon
GROUNDING: Apple, Beetroot, Carrot, Lemon, Ginger
SHINE: Orange, Lemon, Local Honey, Salt, Kakadu Plum


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