Ethically sourced, sustainably grown specialty coffee from countries all around the world, roasted in Fremantle and delivered to your door!!

Michael & Jaryd are two Aussie blokes thats’ love affair with a great cup of coffee inspired them to create their now thriving roasting business, the Roasting Depot. What really sets them apart is the quality of their beans, off course the flavour and they don’t only sell their delicious coffee to cafes, no, they deliver it straight to your door!

Michael & Jaryd, tell us a little bit about Roasting Depot?

At the Roasting depot, we make it easier for you to discover, create and enjoy your perfect cup of coffee. We deliver fresh, locally roasted coffee to your home or office so that you can experience the best cup of coffee you’ve ever made.

Michael & Jaryd, how did you guys get into coffee roasting?

We’re both engineers, so coffee was our best friend during all those endless university lectures and late night study sessions. Then once we started working, the office coffee machine became our best friend and daily visits to local cafes were the norm. The more and more we learnt about coffee, we realised the massive difference that the quality of the coffee beans and the freshness have on the flavour and aroma. Most of the coffee being served up, whether it be in cafes, on supermarket shelves or in the office, was stale and bitter. And then if we did find a cafe serving really good coffee beans, the barista just couldn’t quite make it exactly how we wanted it. So, we started on our mission to help coffee lovers experience their perfect cup of coffee. We wanted to make it super simple to enjoy an amazing coffee made just the way you like it, whenever you wanted.

Jaryd, in your opinion what’s the perfect coffee?

The perfect coffee is the one you’ve made yourself just the way you like it. Personally I love a really complex and fruity single origin served as espresso…. But I also love a smooth and chocolatey flat white so I can savour it for a bit longer.

Michael, does one cup of coffee standout above all others?

Still to this day I would have to say my most memorable coffee was a late-night flat white. We had been working all weekend developing our new range of coffees and we just couldn’t quite put our finger on the exact flavour that best described our new Signature blend. I can still taste the coffee we made that night, it was perfect and at that moment I knew we had created something really special to share with the world.

Where do you get your beans from?

We work closely with green bean importers to ethically source sustainably grown specialty coffee from countries all around the world, such as India, Brazil, Colombia and Guatemala, just to name a few. The majority of coffee in the world is grown in countries located around the equator. This geographical area is known as the coffee belt. Despite all arabica coffee being grown around the coffee belt, the flavour of the coffee changes dramatically depending on the varietal, growing conditions and how it’s processed, among other influences. For example, coffee grown at higher altitudes develops very complex flavours, with subtle notes of citrus and fruit quite common, compared to lower altitude coffees that have strong, roasty flavours. When developing our range of coffees we sourced beans from different origins to deliver the exact flavour profile our customers were looking for in their perfect cup of coffee.

Can you tell us a little bit more about your range of coffees?

Each of our coffees has been crafted especially for our customers. Our Signature blend is intended for coffee lovers that enjoy strong coffee, whilst our Velvet blend produces an incredibly smooth espresso or super creamy milk coffee. Connoisseur is our most sophisticated blend, intended for coffee lovers that appreciate the subtle flavours of higher altitude coffees, whilst still wanting the flexibility to enjoy their coffee black or with milk. Last, but not least, Single-O is our seasonal single origin, the ultimate coffee experience! This coffee should be served black to get the full range of flavours and will have your taste buds doing backflips!

Where can we find your range of coffees?

We’re all about making it easier for you to discover, create and enjoy your perfect cup of coffee. You simply order online at and then your coffee is freshly roasted and conveniently delivered to your door! How good is that?! We also have a coffee subscription so you’ll never run out of coffee again. When you join our coffee subscription, each month we’ll send you coffee that you’ll love, without you having to do a thing!

What’s next for the Roasting Depot?

We just want to keep working hard to help coffee lovers experience their perfect cup of coffee. It’s really rewarding to know that every morning people are making a cup of coffee using our beans and that they’re getting so much satisfaction and joy from something we’ve created.


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