5 EASY and FREE ways to reduce toxins in your home by Kirsty from Second Nature Botanicals.

Making your home healthier and greener doesn’t have to be cost lots of money, just a few simple changes can improve the health of everyone in the home, here are our top 5 free ways to reduce toxins:


OK. It’s a simple one I know, but opening all the doors and windows in your home helps the fresh air come in and the old stale smelly air get out. Throw synthetic air fresheners in the bin as they are reeeeeally toxic and try an essential oil diffuser instead or one of our Room Sprays with essential oils. We think you can’t go past natural ventilation which also helps your well-being by creating a sense of connectedness with the outdoors. So go on, fling open those doors and windows!


It’s a tad harder in the winter as we’re not all running around barefoot, but if you start a “no-shoes” inside policy the benefits are totally worth it! It may seem like a bit of a hassle at first but after a few weeks you’ll be all over it. First up, taking your shoes off reduces the amount of toxic pollutants in your home. Some of the culprits are pesticides, lead contaminated dirt, fertilizer, cigarette ash, pollen (allergy sufferers take note), petrol etc. Best to keep this stuff out of the house, off the floor, out of the little ones mouths and hands. Plus leaving the dirt at the door means less cleaning and reduces dust by up to 50%, anything that means less cleaning and we’re sold.


The price for convenience in a box is a compromise to your health. Reheating your healthy stir-fry with organic vegetables from last night? Say goodbye to any nutrients in those vegetables as they’ve just been zapped right out. Microwaves deplete your foods nutritional value leaving ‘dead’ food. Lastly, radiation leakage is the final silent monster lurking… standing less than a metre away while the microwave is running can expose you to nasty radiation.


This is a really tough one. Synthetic fragrance’s are hidden in everything from our laundry powder, air fresheners, dishwashing liquid, body washes, perfumes, moisturisers, etc etc to make the products smell ‘nice’. So what? The problem is “parfum” or “fragrance” on the ingredients actually means “phthalates” or hidden chemicals that come from petroleum and are hormone-disrupting and linked to cancer. Scary right? Fear not my friends, ditching fragrance does not mean we have to forego delicious and amazing scents in our homes and walk around smelling bad. Look for products that use pure essential oils which smell just like nature intended, delicious! Always check the labels and take extra care if you have babies or kids as they can be extra sensitive.


Most people don’t think about where their new clothing or bedding has come from. These days unless it’s a locally made products, it could have been stitched in one country, dyed in another and packaged in third country, each with different laws about chemicals. The main culprits are dye and formaldehyde resin (used as a preservative to stop mould from growing and reducing wrinkles). Think of that nasty smell that wafts out when you open the plastic 3-pack pair of socks from K-Mart, yep not very nice huh! Can cause dry itchy flaky skin and irritations. Lots of these chemicals are washed out in the first rinse and then if hung to dry in the sunshine it will help too! So ALWAYS wash first including towels, linens, sheets, pillow cases, basically anything that touches skin especially if it’s for the kids.

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