Keisha & Co. is a small business based in Wodonga, Victoria. Launched in April 2017, they are dedicated to creating all natural, all Australian, cruelty-free skincare with ingredients you know and understand. 

The team have spent months crafting their range, first testing it on themselves, and then on their friends and family to make sure they are suitable for all skin types. 

Passionate advocates for the elimination of animal suffering, Keisha & Co donates part of their profits to Surin Dog Project. 

The 3 step nighttime routine by
Keisha & Co.


1.  Cleanse and exfoliate: apply a grape sized amount of Clay Cleansing Balm to damp skin. After 30 seconds, wash off using a damp washcloth. Exfoliate your skin while removing the balm by using your washcloth in gentle, circular motions.


2.  Mask: Pat skin dry. Combine a scoop of Purifying Clay Mask with enough water to make a smooth, thick paste. Add a couple of drops of skin saviour oil to the mixture, and apply evenly over face and decolletage. Leave until almost dry, then remove with damp washcloth.


3.  Moisturise: Lastly, apply a few drops of skin saviour beauty oil to forehead, cheeks, nose and chin. Use your fingers to spread evenly over face, and leave to soak in.


Try the Cleansing Balm in the limited edition beauty box today. 

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