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1 THE BOD SOCIETY: Recyclable packaging, natural ingredients, vegan & donating to animal rescue at the same time.. What more could you want? | Splendour Box

THE BOD SOCIETY: Recyclable packaging, natural ingredients, vegan & donating to animal rescue at the same time.. What more could you want?


Meet the brains behind The Bod Society.


What inspired you to start making The Bod Society bath, body and burn range?

The idea of my own skincare brand has always been there since being in the beauty industry, but over the years it never seemed like the right time to start. Early in 2017 my dad was diagnosed with cancer and one of the side effects of his radio therapy treatment was his skin was so unbearably itchy. Watching someone you love in pain & only given months to live sparked something & came the realization that there is no “perfect time” except for now so I began the journey of The Bod Society. 


You’ve been on an amazing journey, but what has been your proudest moment since launching?

My proudest moment has been seeing people using and falling in love with a product I created. Hearing that I have inspired and encouraged other woman to take care of their skin & minds.


We love that the range is named after Western Australian beaches!!  Tell us more about the products and flavours in the range?

The Bod Society branding was WA inspired, not being biased at all but we do have some pretty fricking incredible landscapes. The places we chose have either some significant meaning to us or are a place we are dying to travel to. 

Each range contains the following products;

Coffee scrubs- An uplifting body polish packed with active essential oils to help with cellulite, anti-aging, hydration & skin conditions like eczema, dermatitis & psoriasis. This coffee based scrub, polishes off dry, dead skin cells while replenishing the skin with rich oils, Restoring a youthful luminous glow.

Bath soaks-  A bath soak so diverse it will have all your senses tingling, With our three elements of a soothing milk bath, fizzing deconstructed bath bomb, muscle relaxing Epsom & Himalayan salts.

Body Oils- A light body oil with natural ingredients & essential oils to help soothe irritated dry skin, antioxidants to boost & protect cells and nourishing oil like coconut to hydrate the skin. While the fragrant aromas of essential oils uplift & invigorate the mind. 

Soy Candles- A mix of essential oils & natural fragrance oils to create the perfect aroma.

Gracetown- My husband & I got married in 2016 down south at a little brewery near gracetown beach, so we decided to name a range after this beautiful place. Gracetown was designed for sensitive skin-types & wrestless minds with calming essential oils like lavender, rose geranium & frankincense giving a soothing & earthy scent. 

Coral Bay- Somewhere we are craving to visit but oh boy, the things I have heard & images from this place are incredible how could we not include this place in our brand. This range is packed with antioxidant & uplifting essential oils to awaken the mind and plump the skin. Sweet orange & Vanilla oil to create a smooth yet citrus scent, leaving your skin smelling delicious.

Ningaloo-  As a teenager my sister suffered from face & body acne which sucked! she still gets it occasionally but I wanted to create a range that would be beneficial for youthful & mature skins with body acne, so we designed ningaloo.  This is our fruity range, Designed for all skin types but targeting conditions like body acne, congestion & toxin filled skins. A zesty blend of grapefruit & lemongrass essential oils to uplift & invigorate the mind while potent properties work on the skin. 

The Bod Society is not just about creating gorgeous products using quality, natural ingredients, but it’s also about taking the environment in consideration and supporting local charities.

Something I am extremely passionate about is selecting products or brands that are earth conscious. This is why we chose recyclable packaging and labels so it is easier to dispose of your used products. Apart from being earth friendly is we respect all living beings including Animals. Our entire range is vegan & cruelty free and from each product purchased we donate $1 to our favourite local animal rescue – Greener Pastures. 


Your products are all vegan friendly so we thought it would only be appropriate to end off by asking what animal describes you best and why?

This was a tricky question, I don’t think I have one specific animal but many. 

My husband says I have the work ethic of an ant- I am always working ha ha!

The playfulness, confidence of a dolphin & the loyalty of a wolf. 


IMAGES BY: @thebodsociety

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