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About a year ago I couldn’t ignore all the talk about chemicals in the home anymore, especially as I read the label on my washing powder: “If swallowed, cationic detergents can cause nausea, vomiting, shock, convulsions, and coma. Non-ionic detergents can irritate skin and eyes”.

A few months ago I met Krissy Ballinger, low tox living expert and author of The Inspired Little Book. We hit if off immediately, both passionate about our journeys from chemical filled to natural products and I knew I had to introduce her to you.

Krissy has dedicated the last 3 years in understanding the dangers of chemicals in the home, while educating and creating new recipes to empower you to create your own products at home.

Here we chat with Krissy to find out what inspired her on her journey and all the exciting things to come for The Inspired Little Pot!

Tell us all about The Inspired Little Pot:

The Inspired Little Pot came to life 3 years ago after I ‘woke up’ to the minefield of chemicals on the back of most of the tubes, bottles and packages in my home. It scared the life out of me – ‘what was I putting on my kids, sending into our atmosphere, washing down the drain?’ Because even ‘natural’ products often have lengthy and questionable ingredients lists, most with hidden chemicals within fragrances, I figured the easiest way to take charge would be to create my own recipes, and slowly replace products we were buying with products we could make! These new products that grace our cabinets and shelves rarely have more than 5-6 ingredients, and as a result we are healthier and happier.

Through my recipe book, website (I sell most ingredients), local and interstate workshops, and blog, I am making it my mission to empower as many people as I can to make positive changes to their lifestyles through the minimisation and avoidance of unnecessary chemicals. Simple recipes and simple methods: DIY is easy when the hard work is done for you!

When you started your low tox living journey, which products did you get rid of first?

It started with washing powder, deodorant and FRAGRANCE!!!! Each of these products are chemical minefields. I also realised pretty quickly that we just don’t need so much stuff!!! Moisturise your face, elbows, heels and legs with one balm; fragrance your body, the washing, your living room with a selection of pure essential oils; use a handful of ingredients to wash your clothes, and treat stains. It is SIMPLICITY at it’s best.

Is it possible to live completely chemical free?

Absolutely not – we live in a chemical world. Hundreds of thousands of chemicals are making the rounds and we’re exposed every day. The paint on our walls, the carpet we walk on, the clothes we wear, the food we eat, the chemicals we’re born contaminated with… I strongly believe in adopting the 80/20 principle and I’ll tell anyone who will listen! Make better choices, attempt some DIY, tackle the easy stuff first. Try to make good swaps and better choices for 80% of your exposure, and leave the rest in your 20% until you’re ready to deal with it. It could be that you have given up perfume and air fresheners, and made the switch to natural dishwasher tablets, but you just can’t give up the nail polish and foundation. That’s ok! The pressure and stress from trying to achieve perfection is toxic in itself, and perfection is impossible (spoken from an over-achiever herself)! Be kind to yourself and be kind to the process. Living a life less toxic is a journey, not a destination.

We are so thrilled to be collaborating with you this month and are even more excited that we are able to give our Splendour Box community a sneak peek of your book, The Inspired Little Book. What type of recipes are in this book (not the sneak peek) and are the recipes easy enough for a beginner to make them?

I have deliberately created recipes that are as simple and as user-friendly as possible, with beginners in mind. No obscure ingredients, no lengthy processes. I can guarantee that anyone who can read, can create the recipes in my book! And I have great social media channels to get more tips, guidance and inspiration from.

Every recipe has a conventional method, but also a thermal appliance method where appropriate. This simplifies the process further.

You also sell the raw ingredients needed for your recipes on your website. Where do you source your ingredients from?

I do my best to source only the best ingredients possible, and certified organic when I can. I support local Aussie suppliers. This doesn’t mean all ingredients are harvested or produced here in Australia, as Dead Sea Salt, Himalayan Salt, Shea butter etc, obviously come from abroad! But I communicate with my suppliers to ensure chemicals are not used in any part of the process, and that ingredients are sourced ethically and don’t contain palm oil.

It was so much fun watching you on Channel 10’s morning show last week! You seem to be on this incredible exciting journey, what can we look forward to seeing from you and The Inspired Little Pot next?

I wake up every single day and pinch myself – how did I get so lucky to be ‘working’ away at something I love so much! I have SO much in the pipelines. The Inspired Little Gift Book is due for release in November; I will be offering online Chemical Awareness Workshops as of Feb 2018; new recipes are being created every day; and more video tutorials are on the way. You’ll also be seeing me on Studio 10 again! I will continue to make it my mission to inspire, empower and educate as many people as I possibly can!

If you love the idea of creating your own products at home or just want to be empowered by understanding which ingredients to look out for or how to make small changes in your home to limit the exposure to chemicals, then come along to our House of Splendour workshop on 21st October were you will enjoy a practical demonstration of 5 recipes including the popular Underarm Balm, Natural Sunscreen and Dishwasher Tablets.

Enjoy tea, probiotic water, a banquet grazing table & take home a Splendour Box filled with natural food, beauty & self-care products. Follow this link to book and receive $15 each off your ticket, use code: CHEMICALFREE at checkout.

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