“…it all started when we wanted effective, fuss free natural hair care. For happy hair days -done easy! We’re proudly formulated, manufactured & operated in sunny Perth, Western Australia by local duo Venus & Zara- mum & daughter team. We started our little side project almost 6 years ago tinkering away with formulas and getting feedback from our willing guinea pigs! /our local customers at farmers markets initially. Today we have a more renewed focus on our hair care range fuelled from our customer’s voices and our own research and experimenting. You can find our hair products around different stores in WA.”


A 2 in 1 herbal oil to be used for hair and/or scalp – this one is a rinse out product! A powerhouse of nourishment & repair; with ingredients like rosemary infused Olive oil, Jojoba, Coconut, Castor and Sesame oil; full of amino acids (Ricinoleic acid), fatty acids (Capric & Lauric, omega 3 & 6), proteins & Vitamins A, B, D, E, to dramatically change the look & feel of your hair, it’s cuticles & your scalp.

*Rosemary infusion- full of Vitamin B, iron and calcium, known to stimulate hair growth, battle brittle hair & aid with dandruff

HAIR: our repair oil has the ability to deeply penetrate the hair shaft and smooth the cuticles by rebuilding & strengthening the hair. It also acts as a lasting moisturiser, restoring elasticity and shine…oh that shine! Brittle hair & split ends will receive much need love & strength; you’ll see a big difference in their look and feel.

SCALP: It will help promote hair growth by helping break down sebum buildup/blockages, stimulate blood flow, moisturise dry flaky scalps & help improve dandruff with the antifungal properties of rosemary. It will deliver to the scalp all those lovely nutrients it needs to stimulate & normalise hair growth.

Suitable for 
Dry, damaged, brittle hair [Vegan] Dry, itchy scalps, Dandruff prone scalps
Preventing  & strengthening split ends

Noora Hair & Skin care also specialises in shampoo bars for those wanting to make the swap from liquid shampoos.  So what are the benefits of using shampoo bars?  

  1. They are made from all natural ingredients and,
  2. Bars don’t require any preservatives
  3. They often last longer
  4. It’s detergent free and won’t strip your hair of it’s natural oils
  5. After a couple of uses, the oil production on your scalp will normalise and you won’t need to wash your hair as often.

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