Shan, tell us more about The Prospect Project and how it came to life?

The inspiration behind The Prospect Project is the idea that small changes can make big differences. I have always wanted to be able to give back to the community in some type of way and think that everyone can change the world in a positive way, without having to be preachy about it or have an all or nothing approach. Through humour and kindness, I hope that I have created products that not only make people smile, but feel good to be able to give back to not for profit causes each time they order.

Candles & Granola…. Are these just 2 of your favourite things?

Also, puppies. I’ve been a vegetarian since I was 8, and had to basically teach myself how to cook, so have been a bit of a foodie ever since and loved freestyling in the kitchen and putting my own healthier spin on foods, which led me to create my own granola. People I worked with started asking about it and wanted to buy it, so it kind of just grew from there.
As for the candles, my best friend Lisa and I have always been big on recycling, so we used to save up all our empty glass jars and have candle making days every couple of months. I gave a candle to one of my wholesale stockists as a gift and she begged me to make some more for her to sell in store, and here we are!

Candles: There are 3 things we love about your candles, the names, the smell and the recyclable glass jars.

Oh shucks! I know there are so many awesome small businesses out there doing candles, but we do try and stand out from the crowd with unique fragrances and our bold labels.

Which is your favourite candle and why?

We have just released a candle that smells like Perth Summer and it gives me all the feels! Like salty water, slightly masculine, super fresh, it literally warms my soul when I smell it.
I’m probably most proud of Rough Draft – the candle we made out of recycled beer bottles in the flavour “mandle”. It has been a long time coming and loads of trial and error, but being eco-friendly wherever possible is something that is dear to my heart, and people are really loving it.

Granola: What makes your granola so uniquely different to most other granolas on the market?

Our granola is dehydrated, not baked. Each batch is lovingly “cooked” low and slow for up to 24 hours, locking in all the nutritious goodness and ensuring its freshness.
Everything is vegan and refined sugar free. All killer. No filler.
We are lucky enough to have our granola packaged at a facility that provides employment opportunities for people with disabilities, as well $2 from every order is donated to your choice of not for profit cause.

What is your favourite way to enjoy granola? Recipe.…hint… hint

My all time fave way is on a smoothie bowl, blend a frozen banana, half a pack of frozen acai and coconut water, pour into a coconut bowl, then top with our Ludacrisp granola, kiwi fruit, strawberries and peanut butter.
The best part is, granola ain’t just for breakfast! We are so lucky to have had some amazingly talented food bloggers create recipes using our granola which you can check out here:

Where can we purchase your products from?

$2 from every order goes to your choice of not for profit cause, we offer free shipping Australia wide for orders over $50 and we now have Afterpay too!

What is next for The Prospect Project?

More collaborations with other awesome small businesses and bloggers, new flavours annnnnnd workshops showing people how to make candles using recycled glass jars.

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