Why natural skincare is better by Nelumbo Skincare

 By Nel owner and creator of the Nelumbo Skincare range.  www.nelumbo.com.au
  • There is significantly less synthetic chemical content being absorbed into the body daily with plant based skincare. Even just substituting a synthetic perfume, deodorant and shampoo with their natural equivalents can make a huge difference pretty quickly.


  • Promotes a whole body, long term approach to beauty through nourishment and balance instead of masking “problems” and dehydrating the skin.


  • It’s often cruelty free. Choosing cruelty free cosmetics and skincare is THE BEST way to help stamp out the revolting, antiquated practice of cosmetic testing on animals.​

  • Less environmental impact in manufacturing through recyclable packaging and a reduced impact on waterways.


  • Sustainable, responsible sourcing and ingredients support sustainable, responsible farming and agriculture practices for a much larger environmental benefit in the long term


  • Supports smaller producers and allows you to buy locally made products that have been designed for local conditions- meaning a better, more personalised effect for your skin.

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