Why you will fall in love with Buff & Polish

Passionate about natural skin care and inspired by her own personal journey to health, she has developed a range of all natural body scrubs made up of 6 different varieties and available in tubs, 250g bags and even travel size.

With her vibrant personality and amazing products to match it is no wonder that you often find Buff & Polish teaming up with other complimentary brands in a beautiful gift hamper. So if you are stuck for a gift or ready to practice some self care, head to www.buffandpolishshop.com.au

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We would love to know more about you and how Buff and Polish came about. What first inspired you to start making natural body scrubs?

Prior to 2015 I was a bit of a beauty product junkie. I was drawn in by beautiful packaging and wild promises. I gave little or no thought to what the products actually contained. Then one day out of the blue I found a lump in my right breast and shortly afterwards was diagnosed with breast cancer. Things literally changed overnight. I found myself thinking about what I was putting on and in my body and did some research. My eyes suddenly opened. So many of the products I was using contained artificial ingredients, toxins and harsh chemicals in some cases. I didn’t want to use these anymore and literally binned the entire contents of my three make up bags and my bathroom shelves. I went out to replace it all with natural alternatives but found that while there were some beautiful truly natural products out there, there were just as many pretending to be natural when actually they weren’t. Marketing is a very clever thing and as consumers we get easily sucked in. A bit further down the track once I had completed my chemotherapy and a couple of the four operations I was to have, I decided to launch Buff & Polish Natural Body Scrubs. I needed a purpose and I new it had to be something I was passionate about. I had given up my previous job when I was initially diagnosed and I wanted to get back to work. So, from my hospital bed surrounded by notebooks, post it notes and painkillers, Buff & Polish was born.

Why is using natural skin care products so important?

Our skin is our biggest organ and we only get one chance to look after it. What we put on our skin is absorbed into our bloodstream. Therefore anything in our cosmetics ends up being absorbed. So it’s important to ensure that the ingredients in your products are as natural and as pure as possible. Coconut and essential oils are wonderful beauty products. It doesn’t have to be complicated. I use coconut oil as a make up remover. Cheap, pure and nourishing.

Give us 3 reasons why we should scrub and how often?

1) Our skin cells regularly shed themselves and regenerate new skin. Quite often though this can be slow and we end up with flaky skin if we don’t help out. Using a body scrub regularly assists this process.

2) Regular exfoliation results in smooth, soft and hydrated skin (thanks to the coconut oil in Buff & Polish).

And 3) something I am a huge believer in. Self Care. As women many of us put ourselves last. I believe we are no good to others if we don’t care for our selves. I am always having this conversation with ladies that I speak to at markets and events. Using a body scrub a couple of times a week is a quick and inexpensive way to give yourself a little pampering. It will literally only add a few minutes to your morning shower, but the benefits will last much longer

Tell us more about your range?

The Buff & Polish Body Scrub range is made up of six body scrub scents and a foot scrub. All of them contain just enough nourishing coconut oil to leave your skin beautifully hydrated but never greasy. They are all scented using only the highest quality pure essential oils. There are salt based scrubs, sugar based scrubs and coffee based scrubs so something for everyone. They come in 100g and 250g clear pouches and 250g clear tubs.

Which product is your favourite product and why?

My favourite depends on my mood. If I am feeling sluggish I love to use the Coffee & Peppermint scrub. This wakes me up and sets me up for the day. On a hot day I love to use the Citrus Burst salt based scrub which is really zesty and refreshing. I also have a soft spot for the Lime, Basil & Wild Orange as it is inspired by the perfume I wore on my wedding day so holds happy memories.

Where can we go to purchase your scrubs? (online, any retail stores)

You can purchase my range from my online store at www.buffandpolishshop.com.au

If you follow me on my facebook and instagram pages you will see what markets I will be at throughout the year and you can come and see me in person. I also have a full list of stockists on the website.

Do you sell your product at any markets?

Yes I do sell my products at selected markets and events throughout the year. I always list these on my facebook page under the events tab as well as advertise them on my instagram page.

What do you enjoy most about having your own business?

I love the freedom of being my own boss and playing to the beat of my own drum. With a fourteen year career in the electricity distribution industry under my belt, I love the diversity of my job these days. I literally do everything myself with the exception of any graphic design and printing. There are no HR or marketing departments at my disposal these days and I don’t miss that at all.

We noticed that you recently updated your website, it looks amazing! What else is next for Buff & Polish?

Thank you. Yes I gave it a big revamp recently. This year I will be launching an exciting new product plus a new body scrub scent. I also plan to expand my stockists over on the East coast. I will also develop my blog with more regular posts as I have always loved writing and want to use it as a platform to share.

What is your personal Monday morning mantra?

I don’t really have a mantra but I have a ritual. Without fail I see my personal trainer at 8am every Monday morning. Week by week we are working on gaining back the strength and muscle tone I lost during my breast cancer journey. After this I head down to a local café on the marina and I have a coffee by the water while I think about what I have to do in the week ahead. I am a great believer that mental health is as important as physical health and this helps get me in the right frame of mind. I will happily admit Monday morning is my favourite part of my week.

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