Winter Wellness June Box

Healthy Food and Natural Beauty Box delivered monthly to your door.

With our June Box we celebrated the start of winter!  By now you will have received your box and perhaps you’ve had the Grain Free Granola for breakfast or you’ve fallen in love with the buttery, Keto Pili Nut or perhaps you’ve taken some time out for a self care ritual, soaking in the Citrus Salted Bliss bath salts with your Orange Blossum Face Mask on.

The good news is that the wellness indulgence does not have to end there.

Below we’ve listed all the gorgeous products, their website links, prices and additional information.

Wellness Guide Happy Healthy Varies 50% off a full wellness consultation
Grain Free Granola NOOD $20 per bag Use your 20% off voucher on Granola or the Wholefoods Home Delivery
Pili Nut The Keto Pili Nut Co $6.80 FREE SHIPPING
Peanut Butter Bar Ridiculously Delicious Also available in independent retailers across Australia
Artisan Face Masks Fuss Free Naturals Also available in pharmacies and selected retailers across Australia
Citrus Bath Salts Salted Bliss From $13.50 Also available at local markets in Perth
Organic Soap The Family Hub $7.50 Buy 3 Bars pack for $20
Vitalising Serum Intentio Nurture $24.50 FREE SHIPPING voucher


Sign up to our monthly plan for $25 including free postage
Or our 3 month plan for $70 including free postage

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